Moncton, NB - [September 28th]

Atlantic Development Camp: Empowering Atlantic Canada's Artistic Swimming Community in Moncton, NB - September 29th to October 1st

Get ready, Moncton! In a remarkable collaboration, New Brunswick Artistic Swimming is proud to host the Atlantic Development Camp. These exciting events will take place at the Piscine Jeanne Lévesque, University of Moncton, from September 29th to October 1st. It's an extraordinary opportunity for athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers from across Atlantic Canada to come together for a weekend of learning, inspiration, and growth in the vibrant world of artistic swimming.

Atlantic Development Camp: We anticipate an impressive turnout with over 68 athletes, 20 coaches, and nearly 40 officials and volunteers from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and PEI set to attend this dynamic gathering. The event will feature 11 Canada Artistic Swimming representatives, including CAS CEO Steve Wallace, who will be on hand as part of our outreach program and to introduce our new Strategic Plan. Together, they will create a vibrant environment for artistic swimming enthusiasts to enhance their skills both in and out of the pool.

Training by Team Canada Members: The "Atlantic Development Camp" will offer intensive training sessions led by current Team Canada members renowned for their excellence in the sport:

  • Mya Fortin
  • Léonie Corbeil
  • Emma Mcilwain
  • Jeanne Boilard
  • Ximena Ortiz
  • Georgia Hock
  • Maude Turcotte

These elite athletes will impart their invaluable knowledge and experience to aspiring artistic swimmers, empowering them to reach their full potential.

National Coaches in Attendance: Adding to the prestige of the event, we are pleased to announce the presence of National Coaches Kasia Kulesza and Geraldine Narvaez. Their expertise and guidance have been instrumental in the success of Team Canada in the realm of artistic swimming.

Development for the Whole Atlantic Artistic Swimming Community: One thing that sets this event apart is its focus on development for the entire Atlantic artistic swimming community - not just for athletes. With over 50 coaches and officials in attendance, they will have the opportunity to learn not only by being poolside but also through conferences from our development experts.

A Grant-Powered Initiative: The "Atlantic Development Camp" and the Atlantic Development Camp & Technical Conference are made possible through the generous support of the Go NB Grant Program. This program is the result of a collaborative agreement between the Government of Canada (Sport Canada) and the Province of New Brunswick (Department of Tourism, Heritage, and Culture). It underscores the commitment of both levels of government to foster athletic development and excellence within New Brunswick.

Pam Bursey, Executive Director of New Brunswick Artistic Swimming, shared her thoughts: "We are thrilled to host these events in Moncton and deeply grateful for the support of the Go NB Grant Program. These gatherings represent significant milestones in our mission to grow the sport of artistic swimming in our province. They present fantastic opportunities for athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers from across Atlantic Canada to learn from the best in the field and elevate their skills to new heights. We eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on our local athletes and the broader artistic swimming community."

September 11th, 2023

📣 Announcement: Coaches for 2025 Canada Games in St. John's, Newfoundland

Artistic Swimming New Brunswick is thrilled to announce the coaching team that will lead our athletes at the 2025 Canada Games in St. John's, Newfoundland. This event marks a significant moment as it will be the first time Artistic Swimming, formerly known as Synchronized Swimming, is featured in the summer games.

🌟 Coaching Team:

Head Coach - Julie Macfarlane

Julie Macfarlane, hailing from Fredericton Artistic Swimming, will take the reins as the Head Coach. Her extensive experience and passion for the sport make her an invaluable leader for our athletes. We have complete faith in her ability to guide our team to success.

Assistant Coach/Manager - Genevieve Buchanan

Genevieve Buchanan, a key figure at Moncton Aquasouls Artistic Swimming, will serve as the Assistant Coach and Manager. Her dedication to the sport and organizational prowess will be instrumental in the team's preparation and performance at the Games.

Apprentice Coach - Allie Murchison-Maguire

Allie Murchison-Maguire, representing Surf City Artistic Swimming, will join the coaching staff as an Apprentice Coach. We believe her fresh perspective and enthusiasm will complement the team's dynamic, contributing to their growth and development.

🏊‍♀️ Athlete Trials:

To determine the athletes who will represent New Brunswick at the 2025 Canada Games, trials will commence during this competition season. We encourage all aspiring artistic swimmers to participate and showcase their skills. This is a remarkable opportunity to be a part of history as we make our debut in the summer games.

We look forward to witnessing the incredible talent that New Brunswick has to offer and are confident that, with the guidance of our exceptional coaching team, our athletes will shine on the national stage.

Stay tuned for updates on the trials and the journey to the 2025 Canada Games. Let's make waves and show the world what New Brunswick Artistic Swimming is all about!